5 Beauty Care Tips for Teenage Girls

1. Regular healthy diet

Reported from abc.net.au, there are certain foods that are commonly eaten by teenagers and can cause acne. This includes soft drinks, sweet treats and white bread.

A beautician Dr. George Varigos has found that a diet high in processed foods creates the right conditions for acne. These foods increase blood sugar levels rapidly and cause insulin levels to increase.

“Over time, high insulin levels can make the skin drier, thicker, and flakes of dry skin clogging pores. It can also increase levels of free androgens (male hormones) in men and women, making the sebaceous glands of the skin produce more oil and trigger acne,” varigos said.

Therefore, recommend a balanced diet that includes meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. Allowing children to occasionally eat sugary snacks, soft drinks, and junk food is okay, but as much as possible to minimize.

2. Sleep well

Getting teenagers to sleep early is not an easy task, but if Mama ensures that the child gets a lot of activity throughout the day, both physically and mentally, he will surely be tired enough to go to bed.

Sleep helps the mind and body recover after doing various activities in the day. Growth hormone is produced, and new cells are produced to ensure the child wakes up with a fresher and more vibrant appearance.

3. Sunshine vitamins


Although using sunscreen is also important during outdoor activities, Vitamin D from the sun is also actually very important for children, vitamin D deficiency is at risk of developing rickets, muscle cramps, seizures, and difficulty breathing.

Vitamin D is very important in helping children absorb calcium, which helps develop strong teeth and bones, so it cannot be ignored.

Let the youth be in the sun for at least an hour each day, but make sure that it does not fall between 12 to 4.30pm as this is the time where the sun is strongest and sweltering.

Although sunscreen is important, remind the child not to overdo it when applying it because it contains many chemicals. Instead, wear a sun hat and umbrella if you feel too much sun exposure.

4. Choose soft and herbal products

When entering adolescence, it is not uncommon for children to experience sensitive skin and hair, so when choosing soap and shampoo products for them, be sure to look for soft and herbal formulas, and as much as possible avoid brands that use too many chemicals.

Although some products with chemicals may show more instantaneous results, the use of so many chemicals in adolescents can have a negative impact in the future.

5. Using maintenance oils


Many teenagers do not like to oil their hair or body, but oils have a variety of benefits that cannot be ignored.

It doesn’t need to wet hair and skin with oil, but just massaging it with a little coconut oil, sweet almonds or olive oil at least half an hour before bathing can provide many benefits.

If teenagers have sensitive skin, try jojoba oil, as coconut oil and olive oil are viscous and can clog pores and cause acne to arise.

Jojoba oil will restore natural balance to the skin and hair of the child, keep it hydrated and not easily cracked in the skin, and avoid damage to the hair.