Tips for Wearing Lipstick and Makeup when Using a Mask

When wearing a mask, one of the complaints that is often felt especially in women is makeup and lipstick attached to the mask. It will certainly be very uncomfortable because it can make the appearance of being not maximal.
Then, what should be done so that makeup and lipstick can last even when wearing a mask?
Corazon Bernardus, Corporate Training Manager Revlon Indonesia explained, “If I as a trainer, always teach to begin in the
end. So choose the right mask, for example duckbill type mask that exists such as muzzle so that makeup or lipstick does not stick,” he said in virtual press launch “Then, back again to the person prefers wet or dry
makeup. If the makeup is wet or dewy, it must be a bit difficult because it will usually stick to the mask. It should be if the makeup is matte only because if attached to the mask is usually not too much,”Cora advice.
He also added that if you want to wear lipstick before the mask is also
allowed. “If you use matte lipstick, I usually valve once in the tissue before wearing a mask. So if there is an excess of lipstick, it will stick to the tissue alone,” he said.
“Then if you want to wear a mask, I suggest I just focus on the
eyes. No need to wear foundation, make up also use powder thinly only the shape of powder. Or if you want full makeup, you should use matte makeup only,” Cora said.