10 Gift Ideas for Children’s First Birthday

Mom, don’t you like being confused if you are invited to a friend’s child’s birthday, what do you want to give as a gift? Especially for children who are still 1 year old.

Sometimes the only thing that comes to mind is toys or clothes.

Even when buying toys, sometimes we just buy them without seeing the benefits of the toys themselves.

Even though the toys sold out there have their own functions and benefits, you know for the growth and development of children.

  1. Reading books can be a gift for a 1-year-old child

If your budget is limited, buying reading books is the most appropriate gift.

You can look for books that have more pictures than stories. The board book will be better, so it won’t tear easily because sometimes small children still can’t control their energy.

An introduction to various kinds of objects, animals, fruit, is the right book. Because at this age they are learning to recognize things and learn a lot of new vocabulary.

  • Shoes for children who are just learning to walk

The age of 1 year is the age at which your little one is just learning to walk. So shoes are certainly the most useful best birthday gifts for them.

Look for the most comfortable shoes with soles that are still flexible, not hard and stiff. Because when you are just learning to walk, your little one still needs to adjust to the ground they are stepping on.

  • Sorting and arranging toys help train motor skills

To train motor skills and logic, toys in the form of sorting and arranging are the right toys.

Mama can buy toys in the form of blocks or sorting toys like in the picture.

  • A cute place to eat or drink

Giving a cute place to eat or drink as a gift is also very interesting, mom. At the age of 1 year, usually children begin to have difficulty eating. They already understand the taste and get bored more easily.

Well, with a cute place to eat or drink, it can distract them and make them more enthusiastic about eating.

  • Toys for the bathroom

Buying toys for the bathroom, besides being able to make fun activities while bathing, can also help children who have difficulty bathing so want to take a bath.

Suitable for children who like to be difficult to take a bath.

  • Baby walker helps 1 year old child walk smoothly

For children who cannot walk or are still limping when walking, gifting a baby walker can be a cool alternative, Mom.

Usually, baby walkers are also equipped with toys so that they are more interested in learning to walk.

Don’t make the wrong choice of a baby walker, because there are types of baby walkers that are not recommended by doctors because they can make the feet O. Choose a baby walker like in the picture, which must be pushed by the little one.

  • Kiddy pool or swimming tires

Swimming is a good sport even for toddlers. Swimming can help babies and toddlers develop fine motor skills, and is certainly a fun activity.

To support this, Mama can give swimming tires or just an artificial pool for them to play in the water.

  • Musical toys train fine motor skills

Music is very good for the right brain development of babies and toddlers. For one year old, Mama can buy toys in the form of pianos, drums, or other musical instruments.

In addition to interesting sounds and songs, there are usually buttons they can press or hit. At the same time, it can train fine motor skills.

  • Crayons are useful for activities

Drawing is also a fun activity and can train fine motor skills. Mama can give you crayons to learn to draw.

But pay attention, Ma, buy crayons whose materials are safe for small children. Because a 1 year old child still likes to eat the things he holds.

  1. A doll will be a 1 year old’s best friend

Dolls are not only suitable gifts for girls, but also for boys.

Now, dolls have various shapes and their own uniqueness. Like a stuffed animal that can make its original sound, or music. There are also those that can move or walk.

Well, after knowing the references above, you don’t need to be confused anymore to buy gifts idea hk for children who have their first birthday.

This idea can also be used as a gift reference for your little one when it’s their first birthday.