Eyelash Extension Furniture

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Brush your pure lashes even if you don’t have lash extensions put in. Do not use an eyelash roller or other curling methodology. Your lash extensions and the glue that holds them in place are too delicate for that. Although you can’t change the speed at which pure lashes fall out, you can do your best to maintain your lash extensions on existing lashes as long as attainable. However, eyelash extensions can fall probably the most in summer season and winter.

Eyelash Extensions

You shall be thrilled with how you look whenever you depart our studio and much more ecstatic with the way you look when you wake up superbly each morning. Your eyes will look wonderful and you’ll find your morning routine is shorter than ever earlier than. Once you’ve got discovered how superb your eyes can look even earlier than you apply make-up, you’ll wonder the way you made it this long without lash extensions. Most aestheticians or technicians apply eyelash extensions using two pairs of tweezers. The first pair is used to separate your natural lashes.

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Eyelash Extensions