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  • 24/03/2021

A one-of-a-type, multi-chrome, excessive impression liquid shadow that display an ethereal shift between two shades, bringing out the true beauty in each other. Blossom into Spring with a soft flush of color & brighten up your look with Vision Flush! Create enjoyable, monochromatic spring looks for a beautiful wash of colour. a vivid blue area that is the one real fantastic thing about the portray.

The brand is available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Launched in 1967, Close Up is a clear gel toothpaste containing a mouthwash and micro whiteners to ensure long-lasting recent breath and white enamel. It is offered in Brazil, Asia and South Africa, where it is among the many hottest oral care manufacturers and is positioned as a youth product. Men’s perfume brand Brut was launched in 1964; in 1973 the now properly-recognized BRUT 33 was launched as an on a regular basis cologne.

Confetti Makeup